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Month: November 2017

Phoenix Schools Advertising for Students

Phoenix schools have recently launched a campaign designed to attract kindergarten students to schools within the city. Since school funding is based on enrollment, the more students who are signed up, the more money the school is given. This would imply that the schools that are able to sign up the most students are able to offer the best quality education, since they have more money to work with. This approach is just wrong. Phoenix Schools Should Offer the Same Services for All A better way to go about things would be to find a different way of funding Phoenix schools. All public-funded schools should offer the same program to students. If a student changes schools in the Phoenix area, they should expect that they will continue with the same curriculum as in their old school. This approach would combat the idea that certain schools offer a better quality of education than other ones in the Phoenix area do. Instead of schools spending money on advertising campaigns designed to attract new students, they can spend the money on what should be most important: the students attending Phoenix schools themselves. Board Officials Need to Make Tough Choices for Schools There is to be a better way to provide funding for Phoenix schools than this. If some schools are becoming too much to keep running, then they may need to be...

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Do Your Research When Searching For A Mortgage Net Branch

The mortgage industry is very different today than it was just a few short years ago. If you are a loan officer you're probably frustrated with the fact that many of the lenders that you were able to rely on 'back in the day' are no longer around today. Many mortgage brokers and loan officers are starting to use sites such as the mortgage net branch sites to do their research on searching for a net or satellite branching company. It's a very good idea to utilize the internet and to do your homework in advance when making any type of business or career move. The Mortgage Observer is a site that reports mortgage industry news and offers insight on many of the mortgage net branch last month. They said that they seem to get a lot of hits on their site from people who are already loan officers and since their primary business is to report the latest industry news that they wanted to provide these people with the information that they were looking for. More and more industry insiders started to keep track of many of the mortgage net branch offices initially as a side project to document in a journal-type format all of the crazy changes and company closings in the industry. The industry got so out of hand, that it appeared every day another big...

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Help For Home Owners – Refinance Mortgage

If you are looking to improve your financial situation and you own a home, you may want to refinance mortgage payments. This simply means that you apply for a new secured loan so that you can pay off a different loan. The advantage is that by choosing to take out loans for debt, you may obtain a lower interest rate. The option to refinance mortgage payments usually is available when an individual already has a mortgage and he or she would like to pay it off via another one. The key to refinance mortgage payments, though, is to make sure that saving money is the case, for those who decide to go through with the process. Find out if the amount of interest saved on balances the normal fees associated with refinancing. Mortgage companies will provide a mortgage calculator to help figure out the math. Once a person has decided to refinance mortgage payments, he or she may be in a position to have more cash while simultaneously lowering the amounts paid each month on the mortgage. Refinancing mortgage payments allows you to use some of the equity you have in your largest asset, your house. When first buying the house, several factors influenced how high or how low monthly mortgage payments would be. An individual's credit rating at the time has a great deal to do with it,...

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Why Always the Minimum Payment?

I was recently at a seminar about mortgages and such, not particularly focused on the anything special, just general mortgage stuff. Nothing major really happened accept a lot of conversation. One of the things I kept hearing people discussed was the minimum payment on the Pay Option Arm. That got me thinking a bit so I wanted to focus article on the minimum payment. Let's make one thing clear, if you solely sell the POA based on the minimum payment and nothing else, you will sell this loan. BUT, in my opinion, you will not have the same long term referral effects from selling just on the minimum payment as you would if you sold it on your knowledge of the product and the mechanics of the product. Also, in my humble opinion, if you sell it based only on the min payment, you should not be in this business! Here's what I mean: If you sell someone just on the min. payment, that's fine. (not really, but I'm trying to be nice) BUT, what if that person refers you to someone who has something of an understanding about finances and indexes and stuff? If that person comes to you and you can not discuss anything else intelligently, guess what? You have completely lost credibility with that person and that person may go back to the first person you...

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What is a Mortgage Checking Account?

So you scrimped and saved and found a way to buy your first home. You’re proud of the fact that your efforts have earned you a substantial down payment, allowing you to get a smaller loan to pay for the house. Your friends tell you to get an interest only loan or a short term ARM. “Rates are much better,” they tell you “and you can just refinance before it adjusts.” While it may be tempting, you’re no dummy. “Only a fool would get something other than a 15 or 30 year fixed!” You can still hear the words of your father counseling you about the purchase. Not quite being able to afford the 15 year payment, you opt for the 30 year and couldn’t be happier. Your rate is good, your rate is fixed, and your paying down your house with each payment. You did the smart thing . . . right? While it’s true that a 30 year fixed offers you the peace of mind that your loan will never adjust, there’s a serious flaw that most people see but just don’t grasp enough to do something about. Have you ever took the time to add up how much that peace of mind is actually costing you? Consider this: a $200,000 loan with a 30 year fixed rate of 7% takes 29 months and costs you a...

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