Many Arizona home-owner associations are faced with a extremely critical problem.  Many property owners are not paying their month-to-month assessments.  In January 2009, the problem is not improving upon.  Many of the people not paying their HOA assessments are the exact property owners no longer paying their home finance loan payments.

Sadly, associations that are enduring the worst pains are all those that professional heightened product sales exercise all through the heyday of effortless mortgages.  1 affiliation we are acquainted with is the sufferer of bad timing.  The builders accomplished design just as the home finance loan qualification system was the most lax.  Seventy-five per cent of the residences bought in this group had been bought to buyers.

This is a dire problem, not a common 1.  However, several center class communities are dealing with critical delinquency challenges, in any occasion. 

What to do?  This is the time when associations will need to appear to their management firm for sturdy leadership.  If you do not have a prepared collection plan in spot, you will need 1.  This plan must not let property owners to be delinquent past the equal of two, at the most 3 assessments, before referring accounts to a fantastic collection attorney. 

Sadly, some associations cannot afford an attorney due to the fact the authorized charges will immediately exceed the original financial debt.  We have been lucky to protected the services of an attorney who performs collection perform and collects authorized charges from the home-owner.  This technique must preclude any reluctance on the portion of the association’s board to continue when the financial debt is nonetheless manageable.  If you are not knowledgeable of an attorney who provides a contingent charge arrangement for collections, make some phone phone calls.  Bear in mind, every person, such as lawyers, is additional likely now to reconsider an outdated organization design. 

Source by Jack Leibert